This book contains lists of basic and interest words frequently used by young children in their writing.

The Lines following the word lists are provided for the children to attempt to write their own words before having them checked by the teacher.

It is a reference book to enable children to become independent of the need to have teachers write the words they need.

To use My Dictionary effectively children need to be able to recognise letters of the alphabet and the way in which they are ordered.

Games could be played so that children are quickly able to locate, for example, letter P “near the middle of the book”, and letter A “at the beginning”. Letter Z is found “at the end” of the alphabetical section.

Children should also be familiar with the initial sounds of words, e.g. the sound sssss for sun.

Draw attention to the letter tab on the right hand side of each double opening page in the alphabetical section so that they realise that using the tab can be an aid to finding the page they need.

Teach the children that the second section of the book, which starts with the picture of the colour clown, contains lists of interest words for different topics

Help the children discover the information included on each topic page in the second section.

Draw attention to the Contents list (inside front cover) and teach them how to locate the contents of the book. They could share their findings with each other and their classmates.

Remember to allow the children to colour in the clown’s balloons on the colour page.

Where appropriate page numbers and their order could be used as a location aid.

Children would take their own copy of My Dictionary home to get help with filling in All About Me and the Colour page.