Our Books

Our Books


Through the years we have continually updated MY DICTIONARY.  Teachers’ input has been sought for each revision to assure that the words and spellings included are those in most common use by their country’s 6–8 year-old students.

MY DICTIONARY presents alphabetized lists of words that young students most frequently use in their reading, writing and spelling.  Extra space is allotted for students to add their own words so that MY DICTIONARY becomes each child’s own personal word book.

MY THESAURUS was developed by USA educators for their country’s elementary schools to complement MY DICTIONARY.  It was published in 2009. MY THESAURUS suggests synonyms for words students commonly use when writing and offers extra space for students to add their own personal words.  It aids students in creating more interesting writing and provides simple information about the English language.

USA MY DICTIONARY and MY THESAURUS can be used independently or as a set. Some schools send MY DICTIONARY on to the next grade level where MY THESAURUS is introduced. Students then have both books to use as resources for their literacy activities.