Happy 2019

  I have been looking for interesting ways to get children to spell that is fun. I have found some…

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Inspiration from a New Zealand teacher

Hi readers. On our National Radio last week, I listened to an inspirational teacher from New Zealand named Hamish Brewer….

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kids of the world

In the World Today

In the world today it is assumed that everyone can read and write. Literacy and numeracy are the 2 most…

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reading recovery

Leaders in Reading Recovery

Dame Marie Clay {1926 – 2007} was born in New Zealand, Wellington, and was, and still is, a worldwide authority…

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New Reviews Received from Schools Around the World

Hi everyone. The school year has started in the Northern hemisphere and our books are winging their way to many…

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words 2

Why We Created a New Edition for the UK

Hello! Spring is in the air in the Southern hemisphere and the promise of a new start. In the Northern…

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dictionary 1

New Version of the UK Book is Available Now

Hi everyone I want to share this exciting news through our blog page!! New Version of My Dictionary for the…

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reading ranks

New Ranking Of Top Countries In Reading, Science, And Maths

The OECD is out with the latest global rankings of how students in various countries do in reading, science, and…

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Literacy 1

Why is Literacy a Basic Human Right?

I have just listened to an interesting interview about literacy on TV. Literacy is a basic human right as without…

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Reading Picture Books

We want our students to understand that readers are always thinking. When we share picture books with them we can…

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