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On our National Radio last week, I listened to an inspirational teacher from New Zealand named Hamish Brewer. He lives in Virginia, USA and has taught there for the last 15 years in elementary and middle schools. He has turned around poor performance schools, usually from the low socio-economic areas, with his enthusiasm by empowering his students and their families.

His theme is teaching through love and energy and asking the students for help. The improvement in literacy and maths has earned him awards in the education arena.

He believes children can learn regardless of circumstances. He says he is visible and audible.

He states that it is easy to get caught up in paperwork. He works on changing the school environment and works on feel, touch and smell so that children feel at home in the school. He makes school fun, engaging and exciting so children want to come to school and has created an automatic learning experience for his students.

He was very enthusiastic and had a lot of energy. Hamish said that he remembers one great teacher that he had at school which has led him to believe that he could be a great teacher himself. He has received the highest distinction awarded in USA, only given to 50 schools per year – one from each state, for his achievements. His results were seen after 4-5 years teaching in a school that was stagnating.

Teachers are amazing and they are capable of creating a lot of positive changes in children!

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