New Reviews Received from Schools Around the World

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The school year has started in the Northern hemisphere and our books are winging their way to many schools in USA, Canada and UK.

We received this review below and we are always so grateful that an inspector took the time to write to us. We do look for endorsements from teachers who use our books and it was a really nice surprise that we received this message from someone who has a busy role checking on schools and students.

“I am an inspector for the Borough Council. On one of my visits to a primary school, I noted that the children all used a copy of ‘My Dictionary’. I thought this method of helping children with key words and encouraging them to keep their own dictionary was very successful.”

J.P. England

As we are a small company we do rely on word of mouth to spread the good word about our books – our advertising budget is small. We do find that the best way for teachers to decide if they want to use My Dictionary is to have a hard copy so that they can review the book to see if it is suitable for them to use with their students. This is quite an expensive exercise for us but we think that teachers need to see the whole contents of My Dictionary before a decision can be made. We do also have sample pages on our web.

We have published a new edition for UK that has all the words that up to year 6 need to be able to spell. As our books are well-made they can go with a student through the years until they have a good grasp of words and how to spell them. A very inexpensive resource that can help teachers know where each student is up to in their literacy and their spelling.

Here’s another quote from a teacher in New Zealand.

“I have always found ‘My Dictionary’ an invaluable teaching aid in my classroom. Right from it’s first year of publication my pupils have each enjoyed owning and using their dictionaries. In particular stories and poems have been written speedily and accurately because they have had their dictionaries “at their fingertips”. This is an excellent resource for every junior school pupil to have in their classroom and at home for individual use.”

R.H. New Zealand

Just email me directly today with your school name and address if you would like a free copy.

Thank you!

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