Why We Created a New Edition for the UK


Spring is in the air in the Southern hemisphere and the promise of a new start. In the Northern hemisphere it is the start of a new school year.

A new start happened with My Dictionary earlier this year – actually is was last year that the first contact was made to me.

One teacher in the UK, Deb, emailed me about doing some changes for the UK edition of My Dictionary.

She and I worked together and so a New Edition was created. This New Edition has a geometric cover. We still have the other edition with the Bee cover.

Deb wrote the following about using this resource with your students;


The 2014 spelling list words for year 2 upwards are very challenging. In years 3 and 4 there are 100 words that the children are expected to learn to spell within those 2 years. A major concern for most teachers, in my experience, is how we get the children to remember these tough words and, more importantly, to use them as part of their everyday language. The words that years 3-4 and 4-5 need to be able to spell are in different shades of blue.

The idea of having them incorporated into a dictionary – that they have continual access to for all subjects, not just English, is half the battle won. Children will not always remember words given in a weekly spelling test but they will remember words that they need to look up in their personal word bank/dictionary. It is only by repetition and usage (making the words relevant and useful to children) that children learn and remember!

Why do they come to school being able to recite nursery rhymes? Because they continually recite them, it’s the same with words and spellings!
This book can be used from the tail end of year 1 and the beginning of year 2. The idea would be to have this dictionary travel through the school with them, they can add words to them as they need.

After written work, I’d expect the children to correct spellings that they’ve got wrong and then add them to the dictionary that would be available to the children at every minute of the school day. It will become a bespoke piece of equipment, a tool that the child has manipulated into an extremely useful piece of equipment. Additionally, I would encourage the children to add words that they like the sound of and words that they themselves have found from another source, either from a thesaurus or from when they had studied an interesting topic , words that they would like to have easy access to in the future.

This is a new resource for My Dictionary that should delight many teachers.

If you would like a free copy email Jenny with a request and with your school details.

Sample pages of the New Edition can be found on My Dictionary website, under Our Books, choose “Preview” tab and click on UK New Edition.



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