Why is Literacy a Basic Human Right?

I have just listened to an interesting interview about literacy on TV.

Literacy is a basic human right as without it, you cannot access other human rights.

Literacy is not only reading a book. It is more than that. If we cannot draw meaning from what we are reading, it can impact on everyday life, e.g. understanding nutritional labels, medicine labels, voting papers, bank statements, employment contracts and more. All of this can impact on other human rights like house things, financial status, ability to participate in civic affairs and more.

Maybe children have poor literacy because of any of a number of reasons like environmental, health reasons, difficulty in hearing sounds and words, behavioural problems and many other factors.

UNESCO considers literacy a human right.

Don’t wait for children to fall behind. Use a strength-based approach to build their skills. There are worldwide trends of children lacking in literacy skills especially amongst indigenous people – some countries struggle with literacy.

I think that it is important for children to see their parents/care givers and teachers reading.



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