The Story of My Dictionary – Continues (2)

The story goes on….

A friend in Australia was flatting with the son of the printer. When she was shown this book, My Dictionary, in a casual conversation she asked to be sent some from New Zealand. Our printer was quite clear in his mind that the Australians would really like their own version so ahead he went and with the help of this smart teacher they developed the Australian version in the early 90’s.

We still have teachers, who use our books in their classrooms, to have input into our resource. We ask for any suggestions that may improve the book and make it a more helpful teaching tool.

What next? – Well, off to the United Kingdom our book went. The UK version was first developed in the mid 90’s and is used by churches, states and public primary schools.

We have recently been working with a wonderful teacher in the UK who has made several suggestions which we are going to implement in our next print run.

To view suggestions of how to use My Dictionary, visit to our website.

The story has not finished yet…and there’ll be more next time!


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