The Story of My Dictionary – Continues (3)

Our story continues like this.

Now we have our My Dictionary book in schools in New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom.

Around 1997, an educationalist was sent to New Zealand from USA to look at our curriculum for educating our indigenous people as she was teaching in that area in Hawaii.

When she saw My Dictionary she contacted the printer, his details were on the back of the book, and asked if they together could put together a USA model. We know that the Americans do spell some words differently but as each country have their own model for the book, this was the way to go. The Canada version was developed at the same time.

This company is now an international company. There are international schools using the appropriate versions of My Dictionary depending what syllabus they are teaching.

Recently we have a customer from Spain who uses My Dictionary, and they use the UK version.

Check out all our different versions here.


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