The Story of My Dictionary – the Beginning

Hi, I am starting this journey with you to explain about My Dictionary and My Thesaurus and how it all got started.

It all started in New Zealand over 30 years ago when two teachers went to a printer and asked if he would print some books for their students. They named the book My Dictionary. Both were teaching at different schools in Auckland. The printer assumed if they thought that these books were a great help with the children in learning spelling and literacy, then maybe other teachers would also find them helpful. So, he arranged to print a few more than these two teachers needed and asked his family if they could show these to teacher friends that they knew.
He sold out of his first print run quickly and continued to print more.

The two teachers have now retired but their book goes on with the input of other teachers who use this resource in the classroom.

Simple ideas getting good results.

The story will continue later – Jenny Aston.


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